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At Embrace Disability Group we recognise that not everybody learns the same way. That’s why our training packages are delivered in a manner that is designed to suit each individual participant.

embrace learning academy

the learning


The Embrace Learning Academy uses nationally endorsed competency standards to provide participants with the skills required to successfully perform basic hospitality tasks, helping them to gain employment and become strong, independent members of the hospitality industry as a whole.

Under the guidance of industry experts, our team perform a range of hospitality tasks including serving customers, cleaning, preparing sandwiches, making baked goods and light meals.

The skills learnt in this environment would be equivalent to Certificate I or Certificate II in Hospitality.


formal qualifications

simply brilliant

Those in our team who want to pursue formal hospitality qualifications do so under our guidance in partnership with the College of Transformation, Education and Training.

These courses start with a Certificate III in Hospitality.

Top Skills

meet some of our team

At Embrace Disability Group we create meaningful employment opportunities, training avenues and memorable experiences that enrich lives and contribute to the greater good.


anything is possible

Despite having low vision, Jack still manages to kick huge goals in the kitchen.


infectious inspiration

With an infectious smile and incredible work ethic, Steph brings joy to the workplace every shift she works.


pastry queen

From cakes and tarts to quiches and pies, Abbi has your pastry needs sorted with every catering order.