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Our school canteen management services combine inclusivity and diversity with delicious, nutritious food offerings for students, staff and visitors alike.


jerrabomberra high school

where it all began

When the Executive Management Team from Jerrabomberra High School (JHS) made contact with Embrace Disability Group in 2022 asking if we would be interested in operating their school canteen, we immediately knew that a partnership like this would be unique.

Unfortunately, for many of our staff and trainees, school wasn’t a happy, or sometimes, safe place for them to be.

However, working closely with JHS staff and students, we managed to address these challenges and create a safe working environment for our team – one in which they are welcomed by the JHS community – and more importantly, openly addresses the reality of social inclusion with a younger generation.

Our staff who work in the canteen do everything from preparing food, serving customers, keeping the venue neat and tidy and engage in hospitality training.

They have grown in confidence since working in this environment and are on their way to becoming happy, healthy and contributing members of society.

Jerrabomberra High School Principal, Scott O’Hara, said the initiative is a great way of breaking down barriers and starting a real conversation and commitment to social inclusion.

“By having the Embrace team operate our canteen, not only are our staff and students getting fresh food prepared on site each day, but more importantly, we are helping to make a lasting impact towards a more inclusive world, where everyone is valued, respected and given the chance to shine.”


In the Spotlight

on location at jerra high

The Canberra Business Chamber joined us at Jerrabomberra High School recently as part of an initiative to generate more awareness about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

In this video, our Catering and Hospitality Manager, Matt Morrissey and Jerrabomberra High School Principal, Scott O’Hara, share why businesses should tap into the talent pool of people with disabilities.

collaborative partnerships

the power of inclusion

By working with Embrace Disability Group, your school will help to champion social cohesion and challenge stereotypes by fostering an inclusive environment that promotes diversity, empathy and understanding among students, staff and parents alike.

By championing diversity and inclusion, your school will become a role model for other educational institutions and inspire positive change within the broader community.

As a partner school, we will work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration of our model into your existing infrastructure.  We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to our staff, and will work closely with your students and volunteers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote inclusivity and maintain high standards of service.

For more information on our canteen management services, send an email to and let’s start a conversation!